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Respecting tradition and innovating with courage!

The forró pé-de-serra band Chama Chuva has been present on the music market for 23 years.  The founders of the band were 3 young people born in a very rich Brazilian cultural scene, Vila de Itaúnas - ES (Dunas de Itaúnas), where the group began in 1999. Chama Chuva began their musical journey with great successes on their first CD. Samarina, Cativeiro Coração, Esse Bicho Mata, A little bit of you and A nova are songs that were released at that time and still receive great acclaim from the public. The group acquired prestige and respect for its work, resulting in numerous trips throughout Brazil. For the same reason, the presence on television programs, radios, newspapers, magazines and various presentations, make up their routine, from early times to contemporary days. With national success, the group was invited to tour the USA in the year  two thousand and four (2004) in New York and Orlando and later, in the year two thousand and ten ( 2010), they embarked for Europe performing shows in London, Ireland, Switzerland and Portugal. From its beginnings to the present day, the group Chama Chuva has recorded a DVD,  twelve CDs, released 6 singles and a virtual album in addition to participations and partnerships with other artists.   “Cativeiro Coração (2001 EMI)”, “Forró Manhoso (2002 EMI)”, “Na Asa do Vento (2004 Selo Candeeiro)”, “Chama Chuva 10 anos (2009)”, “Se ajeita Mariana (2010)”, “ De Cara Nova (2011)”, “No Limits to Dream (2012)”, “And the Show Continues (2013)”, DVD/CD Chama Chuva 15 Anos ao vivo (2014), Água Sagrada (2017), Pra Nínguém Ficar Parado (2018) ​Joy and fun, satisfaction and well-being are guaranteed in Chama Chuva's presentations, which treats its audience and every type of event in which it is involved with great respect and affection. Seriously taking all the magic of Brazilian music in an empirical and intimate style, forró pé-de-serra is a pleasure to watch, hear, dance and sing.

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